If you have written notes, then why not share on with others. This is your help to students and teachers (یہ صدقہ جاریہ ہے). You may send us hard copies, we will return your notes after scanning and publish it on ilmghar. Com. Please contact webmaster for more information.The material given on ilmghar. Com is free and publish to help the students to learn . It will take a lot of time to manage this website and prepare new material to publish on this website. The generate its revenue from Ads and Donations. The big problem is not to generate revenue but to get new and updated material to publish on ilmghar. Com Ilmghar has adopted a new policy in which ilmghar. Com will give honorarium (small amount) to persons who will participate to update/run ilmghar. We believe that this will encourage the peoples to be a part of ilmghar. Com Please write to webmaster/administrator if you wish to get money or honorarium against your notes and Videos Lecture .

How to participate?If you think that you have material/solutions/notes, which is useful for the students living in Pakistan for FSc, BSc, MSc or Higher Level in the subject of Mathematics Physics Urdu English etc then you may send us to publish on this website. There are lot of student/teacher, who publish their notes but don’t take any honorarium or money against their notes. Please write to webmaster if you wish to get honorarium against your notes.It may be video lectures, Solutions, Notes, Model Paper, Old Papers or something else useful for above mentioned levels.Only electronic form of material is acceptable (In PDF, Word , Images or Scanned Images). If you have hard copy, you can ask to webmaster.You may publish your own Notes, Model Papers or something else for FSc, BSc, MSc or Higher Level.You may publish old papers/model papers of different boards or universities by converting hard form in electronics form.For further queries/questions or submission email us at /

The honorarium written above is a small amount which is paid just as token of appreciation.

Top requirements at this time.

  • Video Lecture For Subject Mathematics Physics Chemistry etc For Class Matric to BSC .
  • Handwritten notes for Bsc level

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