Become an Instructor
Become an Instructor ads is Pakistan’s most advanced online learning platform where thousands of students visit every day to study various courses.

If you are a teacher.

If you are a teacher. You have an excellent Chance to expand your teaching skills to immeasurable students. You will produce a lecture plan setup with Our Platform WWW.ILMGHAR.COM for any category otherwise you can/will produce a course of your own and that we can publish that on-line on this platform.

How it works: 
There are two ways you can joining

1. Create a FREE Course:
You can discuss your course or lecture plan setup with out team. We can support you within the recording, redaction and different  requirements needs. The free course will give you full credit.

2. Create a PAID Course: 
Our team can work with you to record, edit and place/publish the course on-line. You decide the fee. We’ll take only 20% share from the total fee and you get paid on monthly basis for all course sold during that period.

To contact our team, call us at: 0304-2247322