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✓ Increase your knowledge in the field of Mathematics , Chemistry ,IT etc

✓ Get Every Thing You Required for your education Purpose✓ You can get Every Book Solution

✓ Get Your required Data in your Email , Whats app etc .

By becoming an  member of Educational Platform ILMGHAR, you’ll benefit-in technical knowledge, career and skills development, shared experiences and successes, and lasting friendship and belonging-from an association that has represented the needs and interests of automation and control professionals since its inception in 2018.

Ways to Join ILMGHAR Educational Platform

Fill Up The Membership FormPay Membership Application Fee  350/rs for 6 month  500/RS for 1 year membership Call +92(304) 2247-322  and speak to a Customer Service team member to process your membershipOr Send Transaction I’d to Whatsapp Number or Email Address

$3.0 $1.00 / monthNo commitment, pay as you go

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$6.50 $12.99 / monthfirst monthNo commitment, pay as you go

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