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MA History Guide For Pakistani Students 2022

MA History in Pakistan is one of the best and most important subjects to study.  The MA course in history focuses on historical happenings and events and the study of historical figures. A master’s degree is an academic title given upon completing a programme of study demonstrating mastery or a thorough understanding of a particular subject. One of the best job paths to study is the Master of History. The public and commercial sectors in Pakistan have a substantial demand for history master’s degree holders. The power of learning, sense, and vision are all developed via history. In Pakistan, numerous reputable colleges and universities provide master’s degrees in history. Although history is typically considered a non-vocational topic, history graduates get employed in various disciplines. This demonstrates that history graduates with valuable abilities can find plenty of employment prospects. Ilmghar provides detailed information on the MA History textbook for Pakistani students in 2021.

Why MA History?
This advanced degree program helps students further develop their critical thinking, independent research and writing skills to gain knowledge and advance their careers across various disciplines. After completing a Master of Arts in History degree, students are prepared to conduct independent research projects, analyze historical documents and arguments, compile bibliographies from various sources and media, and write historical-focused essays, research papers, and book reviews.

Objectives of MA History
The primary goals of a master’s degree in historical studies are listed below.

To introduce pupils to modern issues in the fields through historical instances. Students would then be able to contribute significantly in the future.
Students have the potential to significantly impact education, politics, and nation-building, as well as to compete in a variety of civil, military, and diplomatic service areas.
The main goal of each degree is to equip students with a solid understanding of the subject and the skills necessary to evaluate any scenario and come to appropriate judgments.
Along with understanding the subject, students ought to have a deeper understanding of other fields in the social sciences, languages, and scientific sciences. It will allow the students to engage with other areas of knowledge and deepen their comprehension of society and the wider world.
Essential research methods and instruments must be taught to students. They will be able to handle any situation and provide potential solutions.

MA History Program Duration

The master’s in History program duration is 2 years. But most Universities offer MA in History in 4 semesters, equal to 2 Years. Each Semester has a different duration of teaching and examination.

MA History Admission Requirement’s 2021

For admission in MA History, the candidate must have a Bachelor’s(BA/BSc) degree with a second division from any college or University recognized by HEC(Higher Education Commission of Pakistan).

Top MA History Universities in Pakistan

Many universities and colleges are offering MA in History. Some of the top Universities are listed below

  • Government College University(Lahore, Faisalabad)
  • University of Balochistan
  • University of Peshawar
  • University of the Punjab Lahore
  • International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Islamia University Bahawalpur
  • Minhaj University, Lahore
  • University of Sargodha
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
  • University of Education Lahore

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