Fashion Designing; Is it a Dying Career?

You may have asked yourself this or heard from well-meaning relatives that fashion design is a dying career. That, however, is different when considering the variety of options in the market. Many people will also tell you that a career in fashion design is not for you, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. No apprehension is needed if you possess the requisite talent, imagination, and motivation to pursue this degree. You can consider this your diploma. The potential for growth in the field of fashion design is enormous.

What is Fashion Designing?

That fashion design only has to do with clothing is probably the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the term. But let me clear this up for you. The fashion industry is open to clothing production. In addition, several alternatives exist. This blog will help you if you want to make a career out of fashion design.
You look for new ways to change things to suit your tastes in this field. Either buy a local or foreign fashion magazine or research the subject online. Celebrity fashion studies might be helpful as well. These are the key fashion trends and new style sources. Acquiring skills in digital media production is also recommended.
You will never be a well-known fashion designer if you don’t have strong social media campaign management knowledge. Posts showcasing your designs can be made on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among others. Your loved ones can help you spread the word by sharing and liking your posts. You can also visit fashion events to see if you can arrange them for your designs, at least at the local college or school level. It takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree. It combines technical study with theoretical and creative development, providing more comprehensive career preparation.

Skills necessary for a career in the fashion industry

Any occupation worth doing requires a certain set of abilities. Below are some of the most important abilities a designer should possess:
● Creative Skills
● Good eye for materials
● Business skills
● Strong visualization skills
● Information about current fashion trends
● Drawing and sketching skills
● Soft skills

Opportunities in Pakistan’s Fashion Industry

Talented fashion designers are in high demand all over the world. Brands in Pakistan are looking for people who can think beyond the box. Pakistan has hundreds of clothing companies that hire fashion designers. These names might be either domestic or foreign. Finding work in government after graduating is quite unlikely. One must refrain from volunteering their services as a fashion designer to the government for any undertaking. People with bachelor’s degrees are automatically considered for many positions posted by the Federal Public Service Commission. Fashion Designing is also concerned with changes that are occurring in Pakistani culture. You would be correct in assuming that Fashion Design is one of the most sought-after professions in Pakistan.
For the past few years, Pakistan’s fashion industry has been the country’s most promising and profitable sector. The term “fashion design” is used to refer to a wide range of related disciplines, including but not limited to “garment design,” “leather design,” and “accessories and jewellery Apparel design and Flat pattern making, Draping techniques, Sewing techniques, Computerized pattern design, Knitwear design, Children’s swear Menswear and Swimwear, Intimate apparel, Bridal, Haute couture, tailoring, Fitting methods, Everyone in Pakistan, regardless of gender, wants to look well. Kids of the youngest age share their elders’ desire to appear stylish. Adding fashion design to their curriculum is a popular trend at many schools.
Similarly, a fashion designer is needed in Pakistan’s mainstream textile business. Printed clothing is a big business; hence these sectors need fashion designers to make them. The good news is that many textile factories offer excellent wages, and one can make a lot of money
talented and resourceful.
The most important subjects in fashion design
● Apparel design
● Flat pattern making
● Draping
● Sewing techniques
● Computerized pattern design
● Knitwear design
● Childrenswear
● Swimwear
● Wear intimate apparel
● Bridal
● Haute couture and tailoring
● Licensing
● Fitting techniques
● Fashion History
● Fashion business
● Menswear

Careers In Fashion Designing

● Consultant
● Stylist
● Costume designer
● Illustrator.
● Fashion designer
● Visual merchandiser
● Merchandiser
● Costume stylist
● Personal stylist
● Fashion Blogger
● Retail buyer
● Personal shopper
● Fashion publicist (PR)
● Fashion curator
● Product promoters

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor in Fashion Design

Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.F.D.) programs often require applicants to have scored at least 45% on their intermediate examinations or equivalent in their A-levels exam. You also have to do well on the entrance exam. A passing score on the admissions exam is required to enter this particular academic program.

Universities offering fashion design degrees

● Pakistan’s Institute of Design, Islamabad
● College of Fashion and Design, Islamabad
● Institute of Art and Design, Rawalpindi
● Iqra University, Islamabad
● The Virtual university of Pakistan Sialkot
● National Textile and Fashion University, Faisalabad
● Institute of Art and Design, G.C.U… Faisalabad
● College of Fashion and Design, Faisalabad
● Pakistan Institute Of Fashion
● Beaconhouse National University – B.N.U…
● National College of Management and Design
● National College of Arts – N.C.A…
● Fashion Apparel Design and Training Institute
● Karachi School of Textile and Fashion Design
● Asian Institute of Fash.


It may be a very rewarding profession if you have the skills and desire. If you’re the type who enjoys keeping up with the latest styles, drawing up designs, and coming up with fresh ideas, then a career in fashion design is a great choice for you. You should be admitted to any university offering this field. Employment prospects in this area are vast. As a fashion designer, your success is directly proportional to your level of effort and originality.

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