A website named as IlmGhar (www.ilmghar.com) is a project of Level Academy of Science, Depalpur

IlmGhar (www.ilmghar.com) is a project of Level Academy of Science, Depalpur

This website is created for educational help and guide of Teacher and Student.

Aim and Purposes:

Education is very expensive nowadays. Our solely purpose is to coach everybody without any charge. We want to bring an educational revolution. Our aim is that no-one ought to, everyone should get knowledge and quench his thirst for knowledge. For this noble cause, we have hired a lot of experienced teachers and technical experts, who are serving you without any cost. If you want to be a part of this noble cause, you can contact us .Our aim is to promote education.

ilmghar.com provides Notes For Matric Level , College Level and University Level ,Online Lectures,Past Papers,Pairing Schemes and books Diploma in Photoshop, MS Office , Graphic Designing and AutoCad (Free of Cost).

The copyright of the content of this website for educational or learning purposes is allowed but With the Permission of Admin.
For any help,you can contact us on our admin’s official Facebook page SAMI ULLAH ZAKIR
Please tell everyone about this Free website. Help to bring an Educational Revolution.

About the content of website:

The only purpose of ilmghar.com is to promote education. For this noble cause, we have obtained content from different sites as well but this content has no copyright claim because they are Open Education Resources(OER).
Open Education Resources (OER) are learning, teaching and research resources that are place in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use or re-purposing by others. Open tutorial Education resources embrace full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software, and the other tools, materials, or techniques wont to support access to information.
We provide the following courses of classes:

·         Matric (9th  and 10th )- in which Physics, Chemistry ,Biology , Mathematics and Computer are the subjects.

·         Pre Medical – in which Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the main subjects.

·         Pre Engineering – in which Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics are the main subjects.

·         I.C.S – in which Computer, Physics/Statistics and Mathematics are the main subjects.

·         I.COM – in which Computer, Physics/Statistics and Mathematics are the main subjects.

Other field are: 
Home economics, Commerce, Arts, General Sciences, Humanities, etc. 
Islamiyat/ Pak Studies, English and Urdu are Compulsory subjects for all classes upto graduation level. 
 To help students in all  Subjects we are giving all the material at one place, some of the material published on this website is obtained by different websites as they have no copyright claim i.e Open Educational Resources. 

This website doesn’t represents any official or government/semi-government/private instructional/education institute or board or university. And the material given on this educational platform  holds no official position in government (or in government instructional / education institute or board or university). The material given on this website / platform  is merely for education Learning purpose. 

While employing a material given on this platform  you united to a term that we tend to (our web site or person associated with our Platform site ) don’t take any responsibility for this material.

If you don’t confirm to this term then kindly don’t visit this Educational Platform website.
For a lot of details and knowledge you’ll be able to contact the admin :

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